New AdSphere™ features to debut at ERA/D2C Show

AdSphere™, from DRMetrix, is a next generation competitive media research system developed for the DRTV industry.  It debuted recently, in mid-June of this year, offering business intelligence including:

  • Compare spend levels of different DRTV brands and advertisers
  • Discover best performing brands for any advertiser
  • Determine best performing creatives for any brand
  • Gauge the performance of over 14,000 creatives
  • Study DRTV execution across 122 industry categories
  • Identify top performing networks and ROS dayparts for any brand/creative
  • Identify new advertisers, brands, and creatives

DRMetrix is debuting a new update for AdSphere™ at the ERA/D2C Show which will add the following features:

  • Same day & historical airings available for any DRTV brand or creative
  • Summary and airing detail exports
  • Video playback of any airing for 10 days & new airing level thumbnail feature
  • New filters including English/Spanish, lifetime rankings, and more.
  • All network trend view & new media analysis tools
  • Advertiser and brand summary reports with creative video links
  • Updates to user interface

The new features are planned for release at the end of September.  Most notable is the ability to export same day airings, as well as historical airings, for any DRTV creative.  Given the DRTV industry’s frequent use of different phone numbers, promotion codes, and other techniques to make TV media more accountable, AdSphere was engineered to track this data at the airing level.  For example, a video thumbnail is taken at a specific point in each commercial airing such as the “call to action” screen.  This allows AdSphere™ users to click on any current or historical airing and view a video thumbnail picture to confirm what phone number, promotion code, etc., was seen at the original time of airing.  Additionally, for up to 10 days, AdSphere™ users will be able to click and watch a video  of the actual airing for any traditional DRTV creative (including 28.5 minute infomercials).

DRMetrix will be exhibiting this week at booth 716 just inside the Lafite Ballroom near the entrance/exit.




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