The DNA of direct response has been discovered

Technology and industry experts on two continents have come together to create a system capable of monitoring national cable networks 24/7/365. Like finding a single strand of DNA, intelligent and automated technology analyzes the digital attributes of every commercial and program to find new DRTV spots and infomercials.

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AdSphere Statistics

Media Month of May05/01/2017 - 05/28/2017 

  • 696k
  • Spot Airings
  • 7.0k
  • 28.5m Airings
  • 678
  • Unique Creatives
  • 140
  • DRTV Brands
  • 65
  • DRTV Advertisers
  • 19.6m
  • 222k
  • 25.4k
  • 6.4k
  • 3.6k

SINCE DEC. 2014THRU 06/21/2017

"DRMetrix's technology appears to be a vast upgrade to the monitoring systems and researchers who have attempted to track direct response advertising." - Response Magazine
"DRMetrix's research technology signifies a first real step in including lead-generation, retail-driven and brand-response campaigns as part of the direct response research universe." - Editor's Note, Response Magazine

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