David Ogilvy on Direct Response

David Ogilvy is one of the visionaries who inspired us to create AdSphere™.

In this classic video, he explains why it is critically important for all advertising professionals to become students of direct response.

Talk about a strong recommendation!  He pulls no punches making his point!  Apply his secret weapon to television by discovering AdSphere™ – the first television research system to specialize in brand/DR and traditional direct response television advertising.  Your company and/or agency is one click closer to becoming a direct response television master!  Begin your journey by clicking www.drmetrix.com/knowROI.

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Response Magazine & DRMA Terminate Operations

Thomas Haire, Editor-in-Chief of Response Magazine, states that effective today, July 13th, both Response Magazine and the Direct Response Marketing Alliance  (DRMA) will cease operations.   For many of us, this comes as a shock following a similar announcement made by the Electronic Retailing Association just last month.

With recent communications made by ERA Europe of a September event in Las Vegas, there will certainly be future opportunities for our industry to congregate, socialize, and do business.

DRMetrix has been a proud research partner of both Response Magazine and the DRMA since 2015 and we will miss our collaboration.  To John Yarrington, Tom Haire, Jessica Delich, Monica Kollman, Lorrie de Bellis, and the rest of the team, you have become dear friends over the years and we love you all.  Thank you for blessing our industry with your many years of service.  I hope that some of you will continue to play a role in whatever comes next.   We wish you the absolute best!

I would like to share this Response Magazine throwback from 2002 when my business partners and I were honored to be featured on the cover.  The internet was still relatively new and we had built an interesting business model we called “The 800WEB Network”.   Some of you who watched my crazy 800WEB video from last month were surprised to see me with a full head of hair.  The picture is proof that two years later I am still sporting a full head of hair!   🙂

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ERA terminates operations but DRTV industry remains as vibrant as ever

Bill Sheehan, Executive Vice President of the Electronic Retailing Association announced this morning that the association will be terminating operations and closing down effective today.  This is yet the latest chapter in an ongoing industry transition.  Television is changing, direct response television is changing, society is changing.  The only true constant is change.

Growing up in this industry, I remember the days of ERA as a vibrant organization.  For ERA’s 10th year anniversary, I received permission from the Venetian Hotel & Casino to bring in a film crew and shoot a tongue & cheek video.

I played a character called, “The 800WEB guy” doing all kinds of crazy things the memories of which still turn my cheeks red.  The scene where a female cast member and I were serenaded by the Gondolier who sang about our 800WEB business model is still rather fresh in my mind like fingernails on a chalkboard.  We ran that video during the ERA convention which you could watch from the comfort of your hotel room.  I didn’t always agree with everything the ERA did, and I wasn’t always a fan, but I’m grateful for the many experiences and memories.

So in the spirit of fun, I share with you this ERA throwback from back in the days when Joseph Gray had hair.   I do this in honor and in memory of our dearly departed Electronic Retailing Association.

As for the future of the direct response television industry, one needs to look no further than DRMetrix’s most recent yearly industry study to see that the industry remains vibrant.   https://www.drmetrix.com/2017study.html   We expect with all of the new consumer targeting technology coming into the television industry, our best days as an industry lie ahead.  While the ERA Moxie Awards are no more, DRMetrix will continue to recognize top direct response television advertisers with our annual AdSphere Industry Awards.


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DRMetrix moves offices – AdSphere™ breaks 30 million airing mark!

DRMetrix has relocated its offices to 27710 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 206, Temecula CA 92590.

The timing is a complete coincidence but AdSphere™ decided to celebrate the move by reaching a new milestone and breaking through the 30 million airing mark!

DRMetrix would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued clients for their continued support.

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