How to succeed in DRTV advertising

At DRMetrix, we believe it comes down to getting your hands on the right research data.

The big television research companies have largely ignored the DRTV industry failing to monitor infomercials and only offering limited data on DRTV spots.  Our goal has been to provide the DRTV industry with rich data and metrics which have not been available historically.  We have partnered with Enswers, a subsidiary of KT Corp., to bring a deep portfolio of patented technologies to the global DRTV marketplace.

DRMetrix’s monitoring technology was deployed at the beginning of 2015 in North America and is currently monitoring national cable networks 24/7/365. Like finding a single strand of DNA, intelligent and automated technology analyzes the digital attributes of every commercial and program to find new DRTV spots and infomercials. To date, across the millions of commercials that DRMetrix’s system has analyzed, over 800,000 DRTV airings a month are being identified!

As DRMetrix continues to aggregate airings data into 2015, we will be bringing several exciting services to market. Our new monthly industry rankings, published by Response Magazine, are the most comprehensive DRTV rankings ever published.

We are pleased to announce a free online version of these reports which will provide expanded rankings and streaming video access to all the top DRTV spots and infomercials monthly. Free online accounts will be provided to all 2015 Response Expo attendees who have their badge scanned at DRMetrix’s booth #615 on April 22 or 23.

DRMetrix will also begin providing custom research services after the Response Expo.  Before producing that next DRTV spot or infomercial, let DRMetrix help you look across the competitive landscape and isolate which campaigns are commanding the most spend. Give yourself a competitive edge by understanding which creative approaches are working and which are failing. Discover which networks and ROS dayparts are working best for any DRTV category allowing you to focus your ad spend wisely. Or, perhaps you’d be interested in the ultimate in competitive media research data such as a real time data feed of airings for any industry category or campaign you wish to monitor? No matter what category of DRTV you are interested in, DRMetrix has the most current and relevant data to help you succeed.

By mid-2015, DRMetrix will begin offering the DRTV industry’s first airings verification service that does not rely upon commercial encodings. This innovative new service will make it possible to get real time airings verification on any DRTV spot or infomercial. Imagine knowing every time your spot or infomercial airs, the toll free number and URL in the ad, network, time of day, and much more! Say “goodbye” to the expense and hassle of encoding based airings verification and say “hello” to the cost savings and genius of DRMetrix’s new airings verification service.   This service will begin beta testing in May of 2015. If you’re interested in being one of the first to try this new service please shoot us an email at [email protected]. Also, be the first to know about future DRMetrix announcements by subscribing to this blog!

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