DRMetrix releases AdSphere™ Statistics

DRMetrix recently reached a new benchmark having detected over 10 million DRTV airings in just 18 months.  The company began monitoring national cable networks in December of 2014 with plans to build a world class competitive media research system for the DRTV industry.  With the beta rollout of AdSphere™ this month, DRMetrix is now making this incredible data set available to the industry.

In May alone, DRMetrix detected over 737,000 DRTV airings, 8300 infomercial airings, 1063 new creatives, 226 new Brands, and 122 new advertisers adding to its lifetime totals of 13,000 unique DRTV creatives, 4,000 Brands, and 2,200 advertisers.

DRMetrix plans to update the statistics monthly on its website located at www.drmetrix.com and invites the industry to visit and watch a short video to learn more about AdSphere™.



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DRMetrix introduces AdSphere™

For four years, DRMetrix has been building the foundation from which to bring its most ambitious product to market.  As a competitive media research system, AdSphere™ leverages game changing technology redefining this category of product for the DRTV industry.  AdSphere will be made available on limited beta release starting next week.

DRMetrix deployed a state of the art ACR monitoring system at the end of 2014 and began building the database which today powers AdSphere™.  Monitoring all DRTV spots and infomercials on leading cable networks, to date over 13,000 unique DRTV creatives have been identified and tracked across over 10 million airings.  Over 4,000 DRTV brands from over 2,200 advertisers have been identified and segmented across 122 industry categories.  As a DRTV business intelligence tool,  AdSphere™ unlocks the power of this incredible database.  DRMetrix has big plans in store for AdSphere™ and is rapidly building out the system and its capabilities.

As a beta release, we know everyone is curious how far along AdSphere™ really is and what features are available today.  DRMetrix has released a short video demonstrating the current functionality of AdSphere™ which is available by clicking here.

Please post any questions or comments.  We’d love to hear from you!



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