The Future of Direct-To-Consumer Advertising & AI

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’ve always been a bit of a technology geek.  Back in 1989, I used interactive facsimile technology to send computer generated reports daily to hundreds of television stations.  We didn’t have the internet back then, nor email, and AI (artificial intelligence) was a distant dream.

Stations were airing direct response TV commercials and my fledgling company was paying them based on sales generated.  It may seem basic, by today’s standards, but writing software to import orders from telemarketing companies, determine which station generated each sale, and creating hundreds of custom reports to deliver overnight, via computer-fax, was the secret sauce that helped grow my first multi-million-dollar business.

The ability for computers to fax reports pales in comparison to AI, one of the most exciting and disruptive modern innovations.  I thought it would be fun to start blogging about AI breakthroughs that are poised to disrupt the modern advertising industry.

For my first installment, I didn’t have to look very far since one of DRMetrix’s very own customers is using AI in exciting ways.  I spoke with Eileen Fraser of Intelligent Handshake (IH) at the recent PDMI East event to learn more about their technology and how it is making a positive impact on direct-to-consumer campaigns by increasing revenue, conversion rates, and AOV (Average Order Value).

Intelligent Handshake utilizes a combination of AI, machine learning and human touch, to render and personalize a consumer’s online or phone offer. Remarkably, in the blink of an eye (as soon as a consumer clicks a link or their 800 # call is answered), Intelligent Handshake instantly crafts an offer that fits a consumer’s purchasing propensity.

In our industry, just a few single-digit percentage points can make a huge difference and Eileen shared a case study with me that illustrates the significant impact Intelligent Handshake’s AI can produce.

The following case study is from a nationally recognized brand in the Housewares Sector

Given these results, it appears that Intelligent Handshake is really onto something.  What an exciting first AI case study to kick things off!  If you’d like to learn more about Intelligent Handshake’s AI enabled business, please visit them at    There’s a nice video of Eileen describing how and why she developed what she’s calling Advanced Instantaneous Artificial Intelligence.

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