DRMetrix introduces new Retail Reporting

DRMetrix will begin distributing a new version of its weekly spend index™ retail ranking report for the AS SEEN ON TV industry to retailers and DRTV marketers beginning 4/18/16.  Click on the links below for a sneak preview!

DRMetrix monitors national cable networks, identifies and tracks airings for all DRTV short and long form creative using state of the art ACR and optical character recognition technologies.  The end result is the industry’s most accurate retail reporting for the DRTV industry.  DRMetrix is now detecting over 700,000 unique airings a month and has identified nearly 10,000 unique DRTV creatives across over 2,200 DRTV advertisers.

If you are a retailer, or DRTV marketer involved in the selling of AS SEEN ON TV products, contact DRMetrix for a free weekly subscription!  You can also sign up for a complimentary subscription by visiting booth 619 at the DRMA Show in San Diego week of April 25th, 2016.



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AVS™ – A Paradigm Shift for the DRTV Industry

There is one undeniable thing about technology – it’s changing everything.  You may not realize it yet but Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology is the next big  paradigm shift for the DRTV industry.  It is ushering forth a new era of transparency and AVS™ from DRMetrix is leading the way.

The ACR technology behind AVS™ tracks short and long form DRTV ads running on national cable networks.  In a relatively short amount of time, the technology has identified and cataloged 10,000 unique DRTV ads that have collectively aired over 8 million times.  Each unique creative has been assigned to one of 122 industry categories.  Each ad is also associated with one of nearly 2000 DRTV advertisers identified in the AVS™ database.

The impact of AVS™ is just beginning to be felt as early adopters begin to experiment with DRMetrix’s new groundbreaking service.  One such adopter wanted to grow their lead generation business and used AVS™ to determine the networks and ROS dayparts that were performing best for different lead generation categories.  This same customer, who has since become an ardent fan of AVS™ for its competitive media research value, only recently came to the realization that they could also use AVS™ to track their own airings.  When the customer had their “ah ha!” moment they were a little embarrassed at overlooking this significant capability of AVS™.  Now, they are planning to use AVS™ to not only track competitive airings but also their own airings.  With no need to watermark or encode your ads, AVS™ happens to be the simplest and most cost effective airings verification solution on the market.

Those using AVS™ for tracking their own airings, marvel when mere minutes after ads clear they see each airing appear in the online AVS™ system.  Users are also able to click and play back the commercial just as it aired live.  What a convenience should you ever need to confirm whether or not the correct 800 creative ran!  The AVS™ video clip includes pre and post roll so you can see a snippet of what ran before and after each ad placement.  AVS™ also takes a snapshot of the call to action frame and saves it as a thumbnail as a quick and easy way to audit your call to action.

U.S. Retailers are starting to pay close attention to DRMetrix’s new technology which delivers far more accurate weekly rankings of the top AS SEEN ON TV brands based on national cable spend.  DRMetrix has been sharing its innovative rankings with both retailers and select DRTV marketers on a complimentary basis.  In the spirit of transparency, DRMetrix  has also invited DRTV marketers to tour AVS™ and audit for themselves the creatives and airings that AVS™ has detected for their brands.  Haven’t had a chance to tour AVS™ yet?  Be sure and visit DRMetrix at booth #619 at the DRMA Convention later this month (week of April 25th) in San Diego.

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