No response? What’s going on with your DRTV ads?

Have you ever run a DRTV campaign and didn’t get the results you expected?  This is typically followed by the nagging thought, “Maybe I’ve missed something…“.  Of course, the first thing we do is confirm that the ads really cleared.  Many of us employ ad tracking services that are supposed to answer this question.  However, all they can really tell us is that an encoding associated with our ad was picked up which falls terribly short of answering a number of critical questions such as:  Did the entire ad run or was it cut off?  Did the correct 800 number appear in the spot?  Were the video and audio levels correct?  Here’s a question you may not have thought to ask:  When the network ran my high definition ad on their standard def channel did my toll free number get cut off? 

Below are actual screen shots of a DRTV ad as shown on a standard definition channel.  As you can see, the 800 number extends past title safe and is cut off leaving consumers with no way to respond.

 018379009 018494225

Fortunately, airings verification services are starting to get better.  DRMetrix has created AVS™ a system that tracks all DRTV short and long form ads running on National Cable Networks.  One of the unique aspects of AVS™ is that it also records a copy of each airing.  So, mere minutes after an ad runs, all of its details appear online as well as a video link so you can watch the ad exactly as it aired.  DRMetrix monitors National Cable Network feeds on a 24/7 basis and retains a video copy of all airings for 10 full days.  AVS™ provides airings detail on a real time basis, or in a daily file, for any creative for just $350 for an entire year!  You’ll also receive free cloud based access to the AVS™ online system where you can see all of your airings as they occur in real time with the ability to click and watch.  No encoding or replacing of air tapes is required.

Next time you are troubleshooting a DRTV campaign, and have that nagging thought, just remember all the answers are just a click away!

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DRMA partners with DRMetrix to bring Top 240 Ranking Report to DRTV Industry

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