DRMetrix offers free weekly Spend Index™ rankings!

“As part of our commitment to provide the most accurate AS SEEN ON TV product rankings to both the DRTV & Retail Industries, we are making available to all stakeholders a free weekly subscription to our Spend Index™ retail rankings.” announced Joseph Gray, founder of DRMetrix.  The company has been providing free weekly research to the retail industry for several months now and has recently started to offer the same to DRTV companies that are involved in selling their products through retail.  DRMetrix directly monitors the National Cable Network feeds to insure a higher level of accuracy.  Additionally, on the networks that contribute to its weekly ranking report, DRMetrix is able to segment national airings from less expensive DRTV airings that are inserted into what are known as “cue tone” ad breaks.  DRTV airings that fall into “cue tone” ad breaks are projected to be viewed by only 10% of households watching television and generally skewed to rural market viewers.  “The cue tone airings don’t drive national retail sales at the same level as true national airings”, explains Gray, “therefore, it’s imperative that we are able to segment these airings and discount them in our ranking methodology”.

DRMetrix uniquely factors in all of these considerations which assures retailers the most accurate assessment of DRTV product rankings.  DRMetrix hopes that providing this information in an open and transparent manner will help to increase the viability of the entire AS SEEN ON TV retail category.  Gray concludes, “We believe there is a strong correlation between TV spend and retail success.  Those products that generate the most consumer response and greatest media expenditures should be properly recognized so that the retail industry can prioritize them accordingly.”

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