2nd Annual AdSphere™ Awards Recognize Top DRTV Advertisers in 2017

Progressive, Nutrisystem, Guthy-Renker, Proactiv+, Idea Village, and My Pillow among those being honored


DRMetrix, the leading research company for the DRTV industry announces its 2nd annual AdSphere™ Awards honoring the most effective direct response television advertisements airing on national television outlets in 2017.

DRMetrix created the AdSphere Awards to honor the top advertisers and brands in the industry. The awards will be presented to recipients attending the MTC EXPO 2017, the annual tradeshow for media, technology, and commerce leaders. AdSphere Awards is the first awards program to be inclusive of the entire DRTV industry with advertisers such as Sling Television, Vista Print, Zillow, Credit Karma, Home Advisor, Trivago, and many others being honored.

“The AdSphere awards recognize best-of-class advertisers across four industry classifications including short-form products, lead generation, brand/direct, and 28.5-minute infomercials,” said Joseph Gray, AdSphere Awards founder and CEO of DRMetrix. “Performance-based campaigns achieving this level of scale demonstrate consumer popularity and also best-in-class creative and media execution. The AdSphere Awards are the most inclusive ever for the DRTV industry recognizing nearly 70 honorees including all of our best-of-category award recipients.”

AdSphere monitors a universe of 120+ national networks on a 24/7/365 basis. Over the last three years, AdSphere has identified over 7,700 brand-direct and direct response brands. In addition to detecting over 272,000 infomercial (28.5 minute) airings, AdSphere has detected an astonishing 25.7 million spots of varying creative lengths up to five minutes in duration at an estimated valuation of $7.8 billion dollars in 2017 alone. The awards recognize top brands across a wide range of industry categories representing all facets of the DRTV industry. AdSphere segmented DRTV campaigns across 20 major categories and 145 sub-categories. The complete list of “Best of Category” AdSphere Award winners for 2017 is online at www.drmetrix.com/adsphere-awards.html.

In addition to the “Best of Category” awards, the following top six advertisers of 2017 will receive the coveted AdSphere Award:

Advertiser & Brand of the Year
Classification -Brand/Direct

Advertiser & Brand of the Year
Classification – Lead Generation

Advertiser of the Year
Classification – Short-Form Products

Advertiser & Brand of the Year
Classification – Long-Form
Guthy-Renker – Meaningful Beauty

Brand of the Year
Classification – Short-Form Retail Products
Pillow with a Heart – My Pillow

Brand of the Year
Classification – Short-Form Products

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One thought on “2nd Annual AdSphere™ Awards Recognize Top DRTV Advertisers in 2017

  1. We thought it was appropriate to have an awards presentation for our first year. We also honored the late Jake Weisbarth by giving his family the very first AdSphere Award in memoriam. This year, we will make appointments with the recipients who are attending the MTC Expo to visit our booth, take pictures on our red carpet, where we will present them with their awards. So, to your point, we are dispensing with the “award” show aspects this year and “giving” our recipients their awards throughout the expo. That said, we do have a lot of new winners this year so it’s not always the same companies winning across all industry classifications which include short form products, lead generation, brand/direct, and 28.5 minute.

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