DRMetrix to publish its first DRTV industry report in February

We are proud to announce that DRMetrix’s technology has been deployed and is currently monitoring national cable networks 24/7/365.  January has been a busy month for our team.  All hands were on deck and working overtime as we worked toward creating our first industry ranking report.  With over half a million DRTV airings detected in the month of January alone, we are looking forward to having our January results published in the February issue of Response Magazine.  Special thank you to the entire Response Magazine team!

We hope that the DRTV industry will come to understand and appreciate what DRMetrix has developed.  However, if you’re following this blog you may be interested in learning more of the details behind DRMetrix’s new technology.

The DRMetrix system monitors all commercials and programming on a 24/7 basis across National Cable Networks including brand spots, PSA, network promo spots, DRTV spots, and infomercials of every creative length.  Like finding a single strand of DNA, intelligent and automated technology analyzes and sorts through all of this content to find new DRTV spots and infomercials.  This is accomplished by the system’s unique ability to automatically recognize DRTV commercials based on the detection of DR attributes.  As an industry, we tend to use large toll free numbers, large fonts for web addresses, and even price points for traditional offers.  The DRMetrix system looks for these attributes and scores the likelihood that any new television creative is direct response.  DRMetrix’s approach also makes it possible to detect and monitor program length and other infomercial variations such as 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.

Whenever a new DR creative is discovered, a DRMetrix operator promptly views and registers the commercial.  A unique digital audio and video fingerprint is then created.  Through powerful and patented pattern recognition technology, DRMetrix’s system is able to detect each and every time a DRTV spot or infomercial airs.

Perhaps most critical, a DRTV system must be able to monitor both local and national breaks on network cable.  Most  networks sell both types of inventory but the value of a spot purchased in a local break is only worth a fraction of what a national spot is worth.  One can not accurately estimate DRTV spend without being able to monitor and delineate between these two different types of DRTV inventory.

2015 will be a year of exciting new developments and announcements here at DRMetrix so please stay tuned!  For now, we’re thrilled to kick off the year with our first ranking report.

I would like to thank our team who has worked extremely hard to get us to this point.  These accomplishments would not have been possible without the many dedicated and talented individuals working on two continents.  I would like to publicly recognize and thank my business partner, Brent Peterson, for all of his tireless efforts.  I challenge him every day with new and crazy ideas.  He continues to put up with me and helps to turn my ideas into reality. We have a long history together and I’m fortunate to have him join me in this latest adventure.  DRMetrix would not have reached this important milestone without him. Under Brent’s guidance, a dedicated team of individuals has also worked overtime over this past month to identify and register countless DRTV spots and infomercials.   I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of you.

Randy Shumpert, thank you for all your help in the beginning of this adventure helping me along the path.

I would also like to thank our technology partner, Enswers, for all of their tireless efforts.  The road has been long with many twists and turns but we have prevailed to reach this important milestone.  There is still much road ahead to travel together and we look forward to a long and prosperous journey ahead!

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